How to

Should my child re-read storybooks?

John Langa Vulindlela RCWhat is the thing you enjoy doing most in your free time? Do you enjoy doing it again and again? Is there a book that you have read over and over again because it is so satisfying?  Well, it’s completely natural for all adults and children to want to repeat things that give them pleasure and are satisfying…and that is why, when your children have really enjoyed the experience of having a particular book read to them, they will ask for it again…and again and again!

Although being asked to read the same storybook for the fifth night in a row can make you want to weep, follow your children’s lead. Wanting a book repeated is a sure sign that they are becoming hooked on books – whether they are 10 months or 10 years old!  Recreate the magic for them by reading the book again because that story is emotionally satisfying for them. Emotionally satisfying experiences help us to feel motivated and motivated children learn more easily.

If you are a bit tired of the same story, try to discover new things about it with your children. Here are a few ideas.

  • Explore and discuss the details of the illustrations with them.
  • Choose some words from the story to explore together. For example, let your children try to find words that rhyme or, together say words that might be in larger and bold print in big, loud voices and words in smaller print in soft voices.
  • Ask your children what they think the author meant at different points in the story.
  • Help them to make connections from the story to their own experiences and interests.

Through repetition, children absorb lessons about language, vocabulary and concepts. So next time you hear your children beg ‘Again! Again!’, feel a sense of joy – you are helping them become readers!