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Community Radio Stations Back Story Powered Schools Project

21 February 2017

Coming on board to spread the power of stories deeper into their communities, radio stations Inkonjane FM, Good News Community Radio, Ugu Youth Radio, Radio Sunny South, Radio Khwezi and Link FM will be supporting the Story Powered Schools project by making Nalíbali children’s stories in home languages as well as English part of their regular programming from March.

“Stories and storytelling lie at the heart of children’s literacy development and, while the Story Powered Schools project is an exciting way for Nal’ibali to expand its work with primary schools in rural Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, the support of community radio stations will enable us to reach directly into the homes of the communities we are working with; allowing even more children and families access to mother-tongue stories,” comments Michael Cekiso, Story Powered Schools Project Manager.

Stories, particularly when read or heard in home languages, help children to develop their language skills and imagination as well as their thinking and problem-solving skills, setting them on the path to school success. But not all South Africans have access to children’s books and stories, especially not in their mother tongue.

Now, with the help of these six supporting radio stations, access to this important literacy building block will be opened up to the wider community in the Ugu, Uthukela, Bizana and Maluti areas as the partners work together to establish a reading culture across South Africa.

Says Mbali Mbotho, Programmes Manager at Radio Sunny South, a participating radio station, “Radio is great platform for us to help educate our children. Our aim at Radio Sunny South is to inform, educate and to entertain. To us, it is a privilege to participate. We hope to play a huge role in improving the literacy skills of our children.”

Programming schedule:

Good News Community Radio: Wednesdays at 13.05pm
Ugu Youth Radio: Thursdays at 7.05pm
Radio Sunny South:  Wednesday at 9.10am
Radio Khwezi: Saturdays between 8.00 – 9.00am
Inkonjane FM:  Tuesday at 17.45 and Saturdays between 8.00 and 9.00 am
Link Fm: Broadcasting from April only